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spin123 Dishonest and a scammer! Sold this to me then said she had a better offer. The other offer was from my friend who you shamelessly scammed by taking her money and sending her a fake! Do not buy or sell anything from this disgusting person. Shame on you.

😂😂 bloody rigged go away I have screenshots of your messages as well silly girl I told you someone had offered higher feel free to report as well😘😘


josie1616 Biggest scammer ever. Told me the perfume was from parallel imported & had thrown receipt away. It is the most revolting fake Chanel I have seen. Said she would refund but is now msged me to say she won't & I'm stupid & a idiot for buying. She's actually laughing about it. Most disgusting person I have come across trading. More lies below in response. I have screenshots to prove she said where her boyfriend purchased & how she had thrown receipt away. Horrible person all round

I have screenshots of our messages don’t get your undies in a twist. I never scammed you!! You received item then demanded money back! Not too mention the shitty words that came out of your mouth that was said to me were appalling. You ain’t innocent chick. Report me to Carousell, Police, &Facebook like you said I have nothing to hide so go ahead 🤝


georginanz Great buyer, would recommend! Super trustworthy and great communication :) 10/10

PLEASE SEE! prices are not including post so postage cost extra depending on the bag it will fit in then an extra $1.50 for tracking/ $3.00 for courier/ $6.00 Courier&Signature! Thanks ✨