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saddie96 Great seller to deal with! Prompt delivery! Item delivered as described Punctual! Pleasant transaction! Speedy replies Thank you!


taylamcdonell Great buyer to deal with!


nadia1409 First of all you were going to make me come all the way to Albany for only $15 dollars and when some offers you more and offers to pay straight away then you obviously go for it.Why would I go to the person offer less for it just because you offer first does mean any thing when your selling things on this site. What most normal people do is go for the highest offer not on who offer first DO NOT RECOMMEND

You agreed to come to Albany, you could’ve said no and I wouldn’t have offered anything. You accepted my offer of $15 which was the price you had for sale and the DAY BEFORE we meet up, you tell me that someone has offered higher and I can’t get it anymore? You accepted the offer for a reason and you shouldn’t have put it up for sale for that specific price if you aren’t gonna let people get it for that price. DO NOT RECOMMEND.


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