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vanarose Great buyer to deal with! Speedy replies and Pleasant transaction!


jasmineh27 A bit of confusion when picking up but all was well in the end. Thank you!


_hayleyng Time waster 😓👎🏼 Asked to meet up but cancelled on the day. I had the products reserved for her. Rescheduled and later on said she didn't want anymore

Excuse me i told u within a day or two that i dont want them as i couldnt meet in city and i preffrd pickup and u kept messaging if i want them posted and i said no i dont want them as it didnt work out for me that time i told u i had reasons for not being able to meet on the day and u said ok not like i wasted ur time by not replying u at a all. And after a month ur here with ur feedback just cz u dint get other offers.i arranged meetup al the time and been successful with others.

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