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Trishakti 4100 Spell Prosperity Wealth Spirit Handmade Rare Pagan Wiccan

Metaphysical Scholars liken them to more traditional DEVAS  even to call them CREATOR OF EARTH due to their hidden kingdoms and strong magickal and supernatural powers. They are, in fact, much more adept and powerful than common DEVAS/GODS. In Indian art, THESE are usually portrayed as ALL POWERFUL.  Lord SHIVA also is given the titles "king of the whole world", "king of kings" (Rajaraja), "grand lord of wealth" (Dhanadhipati) and "giver of wealth" (Dhanada). MAA LAKSHMI also holds the status of the "supreme guardian of riches". The ring that you see is the home of the grand, amazing council of POWERS that will, when they enter your life, provide you with abundance and prosperity that are beyond comprehension! Owning this magnificent piece will bring all the prosperity, money & wealth building influence of the mighty TRI-SHAKTI into your life. These incredible spirits will listen to and heed your every inner desire. Simple visualization, which is basically "day dreaming" is all you must do with this piece in your life. See, wish, and focus, and the TRI-SHAKTI will do the rest. They have the power to very quickly and VERY EASILY manifest your desires in to a reality before your very eyes. You will see increased luck and wealth manifest in many ways.. Job offers and promotions, business or investment opportunities, unexpected monetary gains through inheritances, found money, rebates, refunds, sweepstakes/gambling wins, the lottery, scratch off ticket, and more. Any form of wealth will come to you like a magnet. .
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