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11 months ago

PRICE BY NEGOTIATION - to the highest bidder Scrimshaw walrus ivory Knife by Alaskan carver Charlie Iyapana (Age circa 1940). Measurement: length, 10 inches. Condition: excellent. This piece is made of walrus tusk ivory, with etched seal forming the handle. The base is etched with the signature of the carver, which makes it more valuable. Mr Iyapana's carving was gifted to my family on my father's side, in Alaska. INFORMATION

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"Made as gifts, scrimshaw teeth depict the images that were most important to a sailor: whaling scenes, ships, women, patriotic motifs, idyllic homesteads. Whaling scenes are among the most desirable subjects,” says Hellman, “and when a maker is identified, the value increases.” Seventy-five thousand dollars was the amount paid at a private auction recently [2002] for a tooth engraved by Nantucket whaleman Frederick Myrick (1808–1862). Another collector sold a piece at auction [2003] for 380,000£, a scrimshaw sperm whales tooth, displaying patriot flags on the vessel (1830-1856). WALRUS TUSKS The price currently paid for RAW (not carved) ivory is between USD $597 per kg and USD $689 per kg. Meanwhile, a single pound of ivory can sell for $3,300 and $200 an ounce. IMPORTANT: Legal to sell inside the country New Zealand, Only (no shipping to an overseas address unless you as the buyer, sort out the paperwork and licences). Currently there are no restrictions on domestic trade in ivory within New Zealand. This is out of step with many countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, France, and China which have already banned domestic trade in elephant ivory. This will soon change, as our Department of Conservation (DOC) currently has a consultation process in progress to review this option, June 2022.

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