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Disney Insulated Water Bottle 600ml



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Quality Stainless steel 2WAY bottle Actual capacity 0.57 liters (when using inner stopper) Heat retention effect <When using cap unit> 0.6 liters <When using the middle plug> 45 degrees or above (24 hours) 72 degrees or higher (6 hours) Cold retention effect <When using cap unit> 8 degrees or less (6 hours) “Type of material Inner pin stainless steel Stainless steel (acrylic resin coating) stainless steel polypropylene Tune up the department Cup Mouth stopper polypropylene cap Lid backing Methacrylic resin/ABS resin polypropylene silicone ●Thermal retention effect means that the product is filled with boiling water to the bottom of the inner stopper at a room temperature of 20°C ±2°C, and the product is placed vertically and the water temperature reaches 95°C ±1°C for 24 hours with the inner stopper attached. and the temperature of the water when left for 6 hours. ●Cold retention effect refers to the temperature of 20 degrees ± 2 degrees when the product is filled with water at a temperature of 4 degrees or less to a depth of about 1 cm below the mouth of the product, and when the temperature reaches 4 degrees, it is heated up to 6 degrees with the cap unit attached. This is the temperature of the water after it has been left for a period of time. Skater Co., Ltd. 216-1 Ancho, Nara City Precautions for use ●When using the cap unit for direct drinking, it is only for cold storage. Do not put hot food into it. Drinking directly may cause mouth burns. ●Do not place near fire. ●Do not use automatic dishwashers or dish dryers. ●Please do not boil the horse. (It may be deformed.) ●Do not use in the microwave. ●Please do not use dry ice or carbonated drinks. ●Do not leave the bottle in a hot place such as inside a car for a long time, as the air inside the bottle may expand and the drinking water inside may blow out. ●Please use the bottle in an upright position. If you lay it on its side, water may leak. ●Do not freeze the bottle with drinking water in it. ●Please limit your drinks to the specified amount. ●Please be sure to wash before use. ●Please close the lid and inner stopper firmly until the end. ● If the print area is left exposed to high temperatures with oil on it, the print may peel off. Please note that there are. Also, do not immerse it in hot water containing oil. Please be careful of naughty children.


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