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colourful FILA cap + black cap







1 year ago

- about - selling two caps I no longer need anymore, (the prices for each cap is different) item 1: a colourful FILA cap that is still in new condition. (octopus plushie not included, he’s only a model for the hat, that’s how the hat looks on a head Ig) $8 item 2: a basic black cap, not as new as the FILA hat but still wearable, no tears or anything in the hat. $4 pricing: FILA cap: $8 Black cap: $4 If you’re interest in buying both caps: $10 :) material: colour: 1. multicoloured - red, navy blue, yellow, green, white 2. black size: normal? new/used: FILA cap: used but only worn it once because I don’t really wear hats lol so still pretty new Black cap: I wore it a little more than FILA cap but still pretty new, only a little faint white paint stain on the top but not that noticeable. any further questions about the item just message and i’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can :)


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