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Bamileke Coffee stools Wholesale.




Lower Hutt



12 months ago

Traditionally used by the Bamileke tribe for cultural ceremonies and festivals, they are now a must-have item for any interior design enthusiast. Hand-carved from one continuous piece of wood, these stools feature an ornate web pattern that represents the web of the earth spider, a symbol of divine wisdom. The process of carving involves throwing the lumber into the river to soften it up, and any break in the wood is considered a bad omen and leads to the piece being abandoned.Available in a variety of patterns and sizes, including 40cm x 45cm, 40cm x 50cm, 40cm x 60cm, 40cm x 70cm, and 40cm x 80cm, these stools come in natural brown, black, and white colors. If you need any other color, please let us know. These Bamileke stools are a versatile addition to any space, bringing an organic, earthy touch to sleek and modern interiors. They are also suitable for outdoor spaces with proper lacquering. These stools make a fabulous statement piece and are a must-have for every home. Plus, they make a great gift for anyone who appreciates beautiful and unique fourniture. Please whatsapp us on 00237697465999.

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