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3-Inch Plasma Ball




Palmerston North



2 weeks ago

3-Inch Plasma Ball Electrical current flows through negatively ionised gas to create the illusion of lightning Clear blue base Approximately 200hrs of use Reacts to sound and touch Batteries not included The 3-inch Plasma Ball with Translucent Base is an incredibly useful lighting device. Originally invented by Nikola Tesla, the first plasma lamp was an “inert gas discharge tube”, designed to study high voltage phenomena. It’s a delight to play with, as the plasma bolts react to your touch. It also provides mesmerising atmospheric lighting that also improves air quality by generating negative ions. It’s a great gift for young scientist, making an inspiring night light, but it’s also perfect for party lighting, delivering a funky science aesthetic that reacts to the music. 7.7(L) x 7.7(W) x 11.5(H) cm Colour box 4 x AA not included Make nice gift


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