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emadleen Great buyer to deal with!


natmary This was a great girl to trade with didn't mess me around paid fast Thankyou! Great buyer to deal with! Punctual! Pleasant transaction!


ymsmynosells Offered the same amount as what she had on sale and she accepted my offer and we arranged a meet up. Today she messaged me and told me that I could not get the item anymore because someone else was offering to pay more and was going to pay now. I was going to pay her in cash, which meant that I could only pay her when we met up the next day. She then tells me that I can’t get it anymore. Very annoyed as I got in first and she accepted my offer and everything. Do not recommend.

First of all you were going to make me come all the way to Albany for only $15 dollars and when some offers you more and often to pay straight away then you obviously go for it.Why would I go to the person often less for it just because you often first does mean any thing when your selling things on this site. What most normal people do is go for the highest often not on who often first