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shannontrim99 Hasn’t sent after a week, not replying ah


dreamly This seller is a scammer! Paid for the Zara Skirt and seller said she’ll send it the next day. It’s been a week and she’s been inactive since. She said she needed money for her family but I guess scamming people is her way of “helping” her family. She was nice to deal with before I paid and after I paid, she was ignoring my messages. Just a horrible person scamming money from the less fortunate. Have proof if any other users are keen on knowing more.


rosasharnx Bought a thrasher hoodie, made the payment but it’s been over a month and I still haven’t received it. Very gutted and tried contacting the seller but she hasn’t been online for 3 weeks 🙁 Quite upset because I was very excited about my purchase 😥

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Haven’t been on here recently as my Mum just passed away that’s why I wasn’t responsive. But I’m back on now and will be responsive. Just trying to make some money to help out the family 💓
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