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Great seller! Excellent communication, and product is exactly as described and I am so happy with them. Highly recommend 😊, A++ trade.


I organized to meet up with the seller so I could try on boots she was selling and when I did, they were too small. She told me to buy them and resell them which is the dumbest thing ever. Why would I spend $40 on boots that I couldn't wear myself? She complained that she had to carry the boots for the rest of the day, but why was that my fault? She shouldn't have pre booked her day like that. She was rude, unapproachable and had a massive sulk in front of me when I said I wouldn't purchase.


You said you’d buy them & sent you all the measurements lmao not my fault your foots too wide for shoes 👍🏻 & don’t have to be so rude saying you don’t want them when I went out of my way to see you & went over the bridge just to give you the boots so please be a lil more thankful & stop being so rude rhanks.


Great seller to deal with!

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