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lovingsummer18 This person didn't come on the day 28/2/18 She sent me this message below Sorry I can’t make it today. I worked 16 hours yesterday and 8 today so I’m exhausted Sell It to someone else Well.that goes to show me that she was Interested in the item for sale Any way Time WASTER Her reply to me by private Fuck you! I sent you a message saying I couldn’t make it and you never replied to it. I did in fact work 16 hours that day and I didn’t want to muck you around again. FUCK YOU AND

You never accepted my offer in the beginning and only accepted it now. You have wasted my time in the past never messaged me back about my crystal candle I had accepted the offer. waited all day for the bank transfer so I could post it.I explained nicely that I couldn’t pick it up on the arranged date I had worked a 16 hour shift and then an 8 hour one and didn’t want to cause you hassle waiting around for a day I will be free. You have fucked over 13 other people. You need to be off this app.


laurenhansen Great buyer to deal with!


iiamsteph Great buyer to deal with, fast replies. Picked up item, made it so much easier, fast and easy transaction. Such a lovely person definitely recommend. Thank you! Again xxx

Thank you! You are so lovely x hopefully see you in the future ❤️


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